About MTM

About Mindfulness through Movement

Mindfulness through Movement (MTM) is a Philadelphia-based organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children in underserved communities. MTM offers school-based mindfulness and yoga programs to at-risk youth in urban Philadelphia. Its mission is to offer kids tools to help them face life with a goal of cultivating steady minds and bodies to improve lives and communities.

Founded by Cara Bradley and Cheryl Nichols, MTM is based on the belief that in order to learn in the school setting, children need to be able to clear their minds of all those things out of their control. Students learn simple breath and movement practices, an important set of self-empowerment tools, to help them manage the stress of living in an urban setting so that they can relax more and open their minds to learn.

MTM is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation established to offer mindfulness and yoga programs to youth in urban Philadelphia.

Mindfulness Practices to Enhance the Learning Environment

Most people agree that education is one of the best ways to build the capacity in young people to make better choices in their lives. A significant challenge for educators and schools in underserved neighborhoods is how to create the conditions necessary for learning when many children live lives of high stress and chaos outside of the classroom.

Why Mindfulness Through Movement?

Over the past twenty years, Cheryl has spoken with ten of thousands of teenagers about how each of us face choices throughout our lives and the lives we live directly reflect the consequences of our choices. Five years ago, Cheryl turned her focus to finding ways to work directly with underserved young people in urban Philadelphia schools; young people who often live with a great deal of uncertainty, chaos and stress in their lives. Her guiding question was “How can we best help these children make better choices in their lives?”